Introducing Some of Jim Two Crows’ Historical Storytelling Shows

The Newest Programs for Bicentennial of Missouri – Now Available!

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Explore Mountain Men and Pioneers

Pre-Missouri Statehood Adventure Tales

River of the Big Canoe, the Missouri, Osage, Sauk & Fox, the explorers, the Mountainmen, Fur Traders, and the Early Pioneers all had their stories to tell The Native Americans had many stories to explain the universe. Travel back in time with Jim as he brings the tales of fascinating historical characters that helped bring a place called Louisiana Territory to become in 1821, the 24th state named Missouri.

This is not a dry history lecture but will tell the stories of our ancestors and how their lives were effected then, as well as ours today.

Attendees will leave saying, “He made me feel like I was there.”

This program is available now and is for audiences age 10 & up.

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Women of Missouri

Celebrate the History.

From the Native American women to the First Ladies of the Governor’s Mansion, women played an important role in the history of the 24th state of Missouri.

Hannah Cole to Bess Truman, the politics; Mary Eaton Sibley to the Owens sisters of St. Joseph, the exceptional; Laura Ingalls Wilder to Maya Angelou, the authors; Josephine Baker to Robbie Martini, the arts; Belle Starr to Bonnie Parker, the outlaws; and countless other women helped to shape the Show-Me State.

Jim Two Crows Wallen, has selected a wide array of his favorite stories of these amazing women. This program seeks to create a greater appreciation of the women of the 24th State of Missouri.

Program is available for ages 10 & up. Is excellent for those studying Missouri History and Women’s History Month.

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Civil War Missouri

It’s History & Heritage

During the Civil War, Missouri, was a hotly contested border state populated by both Union and Confederate sympathizers.

By the end of the war in 1865, nearly 110,000 Missourians had served in the Union Army and at least 30,000 in the Confederate Army; many had also fought with bands of pro-Confederate partisans known as “Bushwhackers. Unlike most other states the war was continuous between 1861-and 1865. More than 1,200 engagements within it’s boundaries; only Virginia And Tennessee

Jim Two Crows had seventeen ancestors who fought in the conflict, will tell the stories of how the people were effected by the war and still to this day are living the results of the “Border War.” His desire is to educate with the stories of the people who lived through one of most difficult times in Missouri.

This program is for audience ages 10 & up.


Unbelievable, Weird, Strange, and Odd

Explore the Wild Side of Missouri

Jim Two Crows Oral Historian will transport you into the strange, unique, odd, unusual, freakish and extraordinary people, places, animals, and events that helped to make up the Show-Me State.

Wallen’s stories may include, an early pioneer who is buried in two states. A Missouri giantess, The other Harry Truman, and a serial killer who ran a flea market booth are a few of the people you may meet. Places that we may visit, include lover’s leaps, a Union Station Massacre, a place to buy some used false teeth, Bone Hill Cemetery, and the Lemp Family Mansion. Other events we may experience are stories of a newborn being thrown from a train inside of a suitcase, the Ozark Howler, Jim the Wonder Dog, and Old Drum.

So settle in to hear accounts of Missouri’s ancient, inexplicable, extraordinary, unusual, and downright WEIRD!

Most Popular Programs

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Native American Program "Tipi Days"

In 1492, over 500 American Indian Nations existed. Each unique in their own culture. They retained their history and traditions through their stories. Two Crows use of artifacts, clothing, and stories, respectfully teaches the history of these people during the time of westward expansion. Included in the artifacts are clothing items, games, working tools, and a brain tanned buffalo robe. All artifacts are either original o handmade museum quality.

Imaginations will soar as Two Crows brings the myths and legends to the minds eye of his listeners. Along the way, you will enjoy the audience participation, and the way he disposes of the misconception of these people.

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Louis and Clark Program

I Became Befuddled A Few Times But I Weren’t Never Lost.

Only 16 years old when Meriwether Lewis hired George Shannon to become a part of the Corps of Discovery, considered by historians to be one of the greatest expeditions of all time, George would have many exciting experiences along the almost two and a half year journey. Jim Two Crows will take you on an historical reenactment of the men and one woman who would change the course of U.S. history. Through stories and artifacts you will also meet some of the main characters, the Native Americans,William Clark, York (Clarks slave), Charbonneau and his wife Sacajawea. You will be spellbound as Jim brings their stories to life.

L0032206 GANGRENE: Hospital gangrene of an arm stump
Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images
Hospital gangrene of an arm stump, taken from the
book The medical and surgical history of the war
of the rebellion, (1861-65) / Prepared, in
accordance with the acts of Congress, under the
direction of Surgeon General, Joseph K. Barnes,
United States Army, plate XV.
Published:  - 

Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0

600,000 Silent Voices

More than 620,000 men, women, and children died during the Civil War. Jim Two CrowsWallen had 17 ancestors who fought in the conflict,16 for the North and one for the South. Jim’s program will focus on his ancestors, as well as, others some famous, some not, telling their stories and showing artifacts from the time period. This program can be designed to cover the Northern and Southern perspectives.

William Maple was Jim’s Great-Great-Great Grandfather Chaplin of the 49th Indiana Infantry.

Milton Wallen Great- Great-Uncle of Jim was a private in the 1st Kentucky Calvary U.S. He was captured and sent to Castle Thunder Prison in Richmond Virginia. He was shot in the right elbow attempting to escape.

Jim’s Great-Great-Great Maternal Grandfather James Calvin Hollabaugh was 2nd corporal, 19th Tennessee Calvary C.S.A. He will share all three of their stories during his program.


Two Crows Fur Company

“I’m half horse, half alligator and a little touched of the snapping turtle.”

Join Jim Two Crows Wallen as he immerses you in the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade of the 1820’s and 30’s. Along the way you will find out if you would have been tough enough to survive the perils of the Rockies. If chosen from Two Crows audience you will be asked to participate in a death defying journey from St. Louis to deep in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Each participant with an authentic artifact from the Fur trade era will learn if it helped him or her survive. The captivating history of the extraordinary mountain men Jim Bridger, Hugh Glass, Jedidiah Smith, Jim Beckwourth and others will be discovered through Two Crows telling of their amazing stories. Will you be one of the survivors?

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A Visit With Santa Programs

Santa will visit your event and let all your relatives and friends take pictures while talking to those who believe and getting that all important list.

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True Tall Tales and Other Lies

“Did Granddad Really Say That”

This side-splitting, belly laughing program features Jim Two Crows Wallen sharing stories of growing up in the Ozarks. Although he was raised in Independence, Missouri, Jim spent most of his summers on his grandfather’s 300 acres in Benton County, Missouri. His grandfather, Jimmie Crow Wallen was by far the best tall tale teller he ever knew. Also his Great-Grandfather Norman Wall was born in Oklahoma Indian Territory in 1876, and he would share Native stories with his great-grandson. Be prepared to be pulled into a traditional Ozark Tall Tale that will have you asking, “ Did Granddad Really Say That?”

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When the Buffalo Roamed

JIm Two Crows Wallen will leave you spellbound as he tells the tale about the magnificent buffalo, the beasts that once roamed from Alaska to the Carolinas

“in numberless numbers.” Two Crows will immerse you in the story with authentic artifacts and custom, period-accurate clothing. Allow Two Crows to take you on an adventure with the Plains Indians and the incredible animals The Native Americans had many stories to explain the universe. Jim Two Crows Wallen will share some of those stories in a very respectful manner. You will hear how coyote put the stars in the sky and how the Native people explained their concept of how the universe was formed. Two Crows will keep you spellbound and have you wanting to find more of these stories in your library.

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Elisha Wallen

The long hunters had their origins in the 18th century. Men like Boone, Kenton, Skaggs, and Blevins blended Indian and pioneer culture in their dress and actions. They explored and helped settle half a continent. Their rifles and clothing were efficient, beautiful, and completely American, and they were self sufficient in the best frontier tradition. Elisha Wallen was such a man. Historians believe he was the very first long hunter. Jim Two Crows Wallen lets his audience experience Colonial history through artifacts, historically accurate clothing, while telling the compelling story of Elisha.

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Coyote and the Stars (Native American Program)

The Native Americans had many stories to explain the universe. Jim Two Crows Wallen will share some of those stories in a very respectful manner. You will hear how coyote put the stars in the sky and how the Native people explained their concept of how the universe was formed. Two Crows will keep you spellbound and have you wanting to find more of these stories in your library.

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Two Women and a Black Bearded Pirate Program

Jim’s program will delve into the history of piracy debunking the glamorous and romantic side of pirates and tell the real life stories of Mary Read, Anne Bonney, Edward Teach “Blackbeard”, and other pirates of the Golden Age


Down the Santa Fe Trail

In 1821 Captain William Becknell and a group of traders left Franklin, Missouri and journeyed all the way to Santa Fe. It opened a trail of commerce that would last more than 50 years. The wooden wheels of their Conestoga quickly wore grooves along a route that would be known as the Santa Fe Trail.

Travel with Two Crows through stories, artifacts, and audience participation. Load up your wagons at Independence, Missouri, the 800 mile trip will last three months. You will experience the diverse people, merchandise, and hardships of daily routine. If your an eager entrepreneur you could make a profit of 400%.

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Civil War Santa

In the January 1863, Thomas Nast, illustrator for the magazine Harper’s Weekly, drew an illustration of Santa visiting the Federal troops at Fredericksburg. President Lincoln after he viewed the drawing said, “It is the best recruiting sergeant I ever had.” Santa aka Jim Two Crows Wallen will share stories and artifacts of Christmas during the Civil War, covering both the North & South dressed as Civil War Santa.

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Father Christmas

Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus but he is only about 200 years old. Before Santa was born many cultures of the World came to America bringing their holidays and customs with them. Learn about these traditions of long ago and how they affect our Christmas celebration today. Father Christmas will share stories and toys from a time before Santa.

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Wagons West

Between 1843 and 1860, more than a quarter of a million people set off along the Oregon-California Trail. The average length of the trip leaving from Independence to either destination was 2200 miles and took 4 1/2 to 6 months. Pioneers who traveled the trails spent $800 to $1200 to be properly outfitted. Everything had to be fitted into a 3’ wide 10’ to 12’ wagon and the decision to use oxen or mules to pull it. The pioneers trip alternated between mind-numbing monotony and heart-stopping danger, between searing heat and freezing cold. Before they were through with the deprivation, danger and drudgery, one in 20 of them - more than 10,000 men, women and children - lay in trailside graves.

Let Jim Two Crows Wallen take you on the journey of a lifetime. Dressed in historically accurate clothing and using diaries of the pioneers and artifacts he will share the stories of these amazing people.

“Travel, travel, travel- nothing else will take you to the end of your journey; nothing is wise that does not help you along; nothing is good for you that causes a moment’s delay.

Marcus Whitman, Oregon Trail Diary, 1843

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Rock On (Native American Program)

The Native Americans were the ultimate rock hounds. They would travel for miles to find the right rocks to make their tools. Join Jim Two Crows Wallen as he shares stories and stone artifacts he has been collecting for more than thirty years. One of the nation’s premier storytellers he will keep you spellbound with his tales. Afterwards you can explore your library for more stories and books about the Native Americans.

This program can be adapted to all audiences and is especially good for families.



Workshop # 1 – Always wanted to tell that story Time: Customize to your needs

Storytelling is older than history. It is one constant in all cultures. Everyone has stories to tell. It is not bound by any continent, civilization, or race of people.

National award winning storyteller will guide you through the nuances of learning and telling your first story in front of a very kind and loving audience. Participants will learn basic techniques to research and find a story you just have to tell, creative imagination exercises, story development, and presentation skills.


Workshop #2 – What's next: Advanced Storytelling Time: Customize to your needs

Now that you have that story under your belt. The next step is to refine and polish your skills. Once you have taken the beginning storytelling workshop you are ready for more techniques and creative ideas to take that story to the next level.


Workshop #3 – Did granddad really say that?: Collecting and Sharing Your Family Stories Time: Customize to your needs

This workshop will teach the importance of collecting your family stories and passing them on to future generations. It includes how to get your relatives willing to share their stories through remember when questions. At the end of the workshop participants will know how to turn those personal experiences of their ancestors into stories. This workshop will also include using family photos to tell your story. It would be helpful to have taken the beginning storytelling workshop first.


Workshop #4 – Just the facts ma’am: Storytelling and History Time: Customize to your needs

Make history come alive by telling the personal side of an historic event. Dramatic plots make stories compelling, but it’s the details that help listeners see, smell, taste, hear, and touch the action. This workshop is geared towards the educator, historical re-enactor and historical museum staff personnel.


Workshop #5 – She wore what?: Costumes and Artifacts Time: Customize to your needs

The use of historical artifacts gives your audience more of a feeling for the period of history or the culture you are telling about. This workshop will speak to the issues of the correct use and time period, the use and cost of original or reproduction articles and clothing and how to incorporate them into your story or program.