Experience History in Storytelling

Bringing History to Life Through Interpretative Storytelling

Jim Two Crows is an accomplished historical storyteller who founded Tale-A-Visions to teach people about past events in an enjoyable and engaging way. Through the years, he has received several accolades for his storytelling and historical outfits. These include the Pegasus Award for his audiocassette and recognitions from the National Storytelling Network.

Why Choose Jim

For more than 40 years, Jim has dedicated his life to his career as an internationally known storyteller. To date, he has performed in more than 46 of the 50 states, and 4 continents. On top of that, he is an expert at recreating historical clothing and artifacts.

Mission Statement

Jim strives to create tangible experiences that will let his audience learn more about our nations history.


The Newest Programs for the Bicentennial of Missouri—Now Available!

  • Explore Mountain Men & Pioneers
  • Women of Missouri
  • Civil War Missouri
  • Unbelievable, Weird, Strange, and Odd—Explore the Wild Side of Missouri

Most Popular Programs

  • 1 Tipi Daze (Native American)
  • 2 Lewis & Clark
  • 3 600,000 Silent Voices
  • 4 Two Crows Fur Company
  • 5 A Visit With Santa
  • 1 True Tall Tales & Other Lies
  • 2 When the Buffalo Roamed
  • 3 Elisha Wallen: The Longhunter
  • 4 Coyote and the Stars (Native America)
  • 5 Two Women and a Black Bearded Pirate
  • 1 Down the Santa Fe Trail
  • 2 Civil War Santa
  • 3 Father Christmas
  • 4 Wagons West
  • 5 Rock On (Native American)

Event Calendar

"Civil War Reenactment," Pipestone, MN August 15th-16th
"twocrows Fur Company," Fall Trace, Missouri August 18th-19th
"Explore Mountain Men & Pioneers," Library in Lee's Summit, MO September 23rd

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