.. two weeks prior to the Elko Festival, I was shooting an MTV video in New York City and each evening attended a Broadway show or concert or dance recital, each of high quality professional artistry. So it was an incredible surprise and pleasure to see the same high quality of creativity in Elko by professional storytellers...Joseph Galata, Film Documentarian, Elko Storytelling Festival; Elko NV.
National award winner Jim Two Crows Wallen is a freelance oral historian who combines his love of history with a good story keeping you spellbound. As the oldest son of an oldest son, Two Crows grew up in a rich heritage of storytelling. He is the fourth of six generations of storytellers, which includes his daughter, Cristi Rose, and three of four grandchildren. Two Crows has been sharing stories for 25 years, averaging over 300 performances per year. The Missouri native has captured the imaginations of audiences spanning three continents.

You, too, can become part of the story. Two Crows’ presentations are interactive and age-appropriate. His stories are carefully researched and his clothing is personally hand-designed and historically accurate. Two Crows has been recognized throughout the nation for his outstanding work. He was awarded the National Storytelling Network Service Award in 1999 and the National Pegasus Award in 2003. He was a 2003 & 2005 Teller-in-Residence at the International Storytelling Center and the official storyteller of the St. Charles, Missouri, Lewis and Clark Signature Event in 2004, which had over 250,000 attendees. Listeners are often quoted saying. “He made me feel like I was actually there!” Two Crows invites you to be submerged in history through his exciting presentations.

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Acros the Missouri Buckskins John Brown
Across the Missouri Buckskins, Fur, & Calico John Brown
Grandad Greybeard Pirate Rainstorm
Grandad Wallen Greybeard Noah
Lewis& Clark Pirate Tipi Days
Lewis & Clark Pirates Tipi Days
Elisha Wallen Father Christmas Fur Trader
Elisha Wallen Father Christmas Fur Trader
Wagons West Visit with Santa Befuddled
Wagons West Santa I Became Befuddled

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Across the Missouri Buckskins, Fur and Calico John Brown Grandad Wallen Captain Greybeard Noah Lewis & Clark Pirates Tipi Days Elisha Wallen Two Crows Fur Company Wagon's West I Became Befuddles at Times but I Weren't Never Lost